3 dB Coupler with Cable Absorber

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Designed for the decoupled combining of 2 transmitter or

receiver signals onto one common antenna.


The frequency spacing between transmitter signals can be

as small as required.


Excellent intermodulation performance.


Wall or 19´´rack mounting.


DC by-pass between port 1 and port 3.


External DC stop available as an accessory.

For indoor use only.


The input power rating of 150 W per port is specified at an ambient

temperature of +55 °C with the combiner mounted vertically (see

photo), without additional cooling, and while respecting the safety

standard EN IEC 60950 (max. surface temperature +90 °C).

When installed in a 19´´ rack, it must be ensured that the max.

power of 150 W is sufficienly dissipated, so that the ambient

temperature does not rise above +50 °C. This can be achieved

for example by the additional installation of a correspondingly

dimensioned ventilator in the 19´´ rack or by reducing the

maximum input power.


Frequency range 800?2200 MHz


Port 1

?Port 3 3 ±1.2 dB

Port 2

?Port 3 3 ±1.2 dB

Port 1

?Port 2 >22dB*

Impedance 50 ohms

VSWR (all ports) <1.2:1

Intermodulation (2x20w) IM3: <-160 dBc

Input power

Port 1 <150 watts (with max. 16 signals)

Port 2 <150 watts (with max. 16 signals)

Connectors 7-16 DIN female

Temperature range -20° to +50° C

DC/AISG transparency

Port 1

?Port 3 By-pass (max. 2500 mA)

Port 2 Short circuit (External DC stop available as

an accessory)

Weight 22 lb (10 kg)

Dimensions 17.5 x 13.2 x 2.5 inches (444 x 336 x 64 mm)

Shipping dimensions 20.1 x 16.1 x 3.9 inches (510 x 410 x 100 mm)

Mounting Wall mount using four screws (max. 7mm dia.).

19 inch rack mount on pre-installed 19 inch

sliding bars (2 height units required).

* Valid if all ports are terminated with 50-

W loads (see diagram).

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