AX-2200 RCU Bandselective UMTS Repeater Gain: 100dB 23dBm UL / 43dBm DL Providerqualität

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UMTS/HSDPA-2200 Bandselektiver Mobilfunkverstärker 100dB UL: 23dBm / DL: 43dBm

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Flexible Outdoor Deployment with ICS Technology

Coiler developed the AX-2200 Channel Selective Digital ICS Repeater to solve UMTS coverage problems in areas where the oscillation which may occur in Uplink or Downlink due to multipath fading and feedback signal.

This Digital ICS solution can be implemented not only for rural areas but also dense urban areas where fading signal reflected by adjacent buildings or automobiles is preventing the signal to be properly propagated. The ICS Repeater is an ideal solution also for areas where fiber system or fully flagged BTS stations may not be implemented due to technical or financial considerations.

The Repeater boosts signal levels that enable high data transmission rates to allow operators to exploit the full capabilities of UMTS/HSPA services.

Product Highlights:


·         Gain: 100dB

·         Output Power: 23dBm UL / 43dBm DL

·         30dB Interface Cancellation System

·         Easy Operation via GUI Interface

·         Digital Filter for Channel Selectivity

·         Complete Network Safety with AGC, AID, ASD & ATO

·         UL Standby Mode

·         IP65 Housing

·         Optional Remote Management

Hinweis: In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist für den Betrieb des Verstärkers eine Zustimmung des jeweiligen Mobilfunknetzbetreibers als Inhaber der Frequenzzuteilungen erforderlich. 



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