CR-900 2G RCU Bandselective Repeater Gain: 95dB 30dBm UL / 33dBm DL Providerqualität

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GSM/UMTS-900 Bandselektiver Mobilfunkverstärker 95dB UL: 30dBm / DL: 33dBm


UL: 880 ~ 915 MHz
DL: 925 ~ 960 MHz

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Coiler developed the CR-900 Band Selective Repeater to solve in-building GSM-900 UMTS-900 coverage problems in areas with high density traffic. It's unique features and design allow optimum utilization of the unit in a variety of medium and larger sized indoor areas such as office buildings and conference facilities where it can greatly improve the quality of service and customer experience.


The CR-900 boosts indoor and outdoor signal levels that enable high data transmission rates to allow operators to exploit the full capabilities of GSM and UMTS/HSDPA services. Powerful, versatile and designed for network safety, the CR-900 is the ideal solution for operators looking to extend the coverage of their GSM or UMTS network.


Product Highlights

·         Gain: 90 dB

·         Output Power: 30 dBm UL / 33 dBm DL

·         Integrated Control Panel & Display

·         Variable Bandwidth

·         Complete Network Safety with AGC, AID, ASD & ATO

·         IP65 Housing

·         Optional Remote Management


Hinweis: In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist für den Betrieb des Verstärkers eine Zustimmung des jeweiligen Mobilfunknetzbetreibers als Inhaber der Frequenzzuteilungen erforderlich.

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