Digitaler UMTS / LTE Repeater MB-1800 Band Selective Remote Control 80dB/20dbm LTE 80dB/23dbm Providerqualität

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UMTS/LTE-1800 Bandselektiver Mobilfunkverstärker 80dB UL: 20dBm / DL: 23dBm


Typ A
UL: 1710 ~ 1760 MHz
DL: 1805 ~ 1855 MHz

Typ B
UL: 1735 ~ 1785 MHz
DL: 1830 ~ 1880 MHz

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High Gain and Output Power
Exceptionally high gain of 80dB
and minimum output power of
+20dBm in DCS Mode and
+23dBm in LTE Mode to make
the MB ideal for medium and
large sized areas.

Multiple Digital Segments
Support up to 4 segments in GSM
mode and 2 segments in LTE mode.
Truly a flexible solution for
operators with multiple segments
in their frequency. Also, multi-segment
can be used for multiple operator
collaborated projects so only
one repeater is used to provide
coverage of multiple operators.

Integrated Control Panel
Displays Donor Level Signal
Strentgh Indication (RSSI) and
ability to check isolation. Provides
instant access to all adjustable
parameters with no laptop required.

Independent Gain Setting with AGS
When used for multi operator project,
it is typical that the RSSI of the operators
to be different. Instead of equal gain
for all operators, AGS (Automatic Gain
Setting) of MB-1800 Digital Repeater
would automatically reduce the gain
for stronger RSSI so the output signal
of all operators would be relatively equal.

Superb Group Delay
While in LTE Mode, MB-1800 Digital
Repeater has a group delay of 4µ
which is a value small than then
the typical Cyclic Prefix (CP) value
of 4.68µ
s so mobile users can fully
enjoy the speed of LTE even over a

Complete Network Safety
Functions such as Auto Shutdown
(ASD) and Auto Turn-on (ATO) ensure
that the repeater is optimally
positioned and safe guarded at all
times. Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
function protects the network from
oscillation and interference. Ensures
that spikes in output power will not
damage the system or interfere with

Optional Remote Management
Via Coiler?s Operation and Maintenance
Center (OMC). Management functions
enable remote contro
and monitoring
of the repeater?s parameters including
gain, power status, and AGC functionality
via an integrated Remote Control Unit
(RCU). Coiler also offers RCUs with both
2G and 3G modems.

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range (Type A) UL: 1710 ~ 1760 MHz
DL: 1805 ~ 1855 MHz
Frequency Range (Type B) UL: 1735 ~ 1785 MHz
DL: 1830 ~ 1880 MHz
Frequency Adjustable Step 0.1 MHz
Bandwidth 0.6 ~ 25 MHz (GSM Mode)
10 / 15 / 20 MHz (LTE Mode)
Max. Number of Segments 4 (GSM Mode)
2 (LTE Mode)
Output Power (UL/DL) = +20 dBm (GSM Mode)
= +23 dBm (LTE Mode)
Linear Gain 80 dB
Gain Adjustment (UL/DL) 30 dB (in 1 dB steps)
AGC Range 30 dB
AGS Range 30 dB
Gain Flatness +/- 2 dB
EVM = 8% RMS
Return Loss = -14 dB
Group Delay = 6 µs (GSM Mode)
= 4 µs (LTE Mode)
Noise Figure (Full Gain) = 6 dB
Noise Figure (Min Gain) = 10 dB
Out of Band Gain 3GPP TS 36.106 & 143
Spurious Emission 3GPP TS 36.106 & 143
Operating Band Unwanted
Emission (LTE) 3GPP TS 36.106
Frequency Stability = 0.01 ppm
ACRR (UL/DL) = 20 dB
Power Consumption 52W (7.5V/7A)
System Impedance 50 Ohm
Remote Management Yes (optional)
Power Requirements 100 ~ 240V AC / 50 ~ 60Hz

Mechanical & Environmental
Weight 10.2 kg
Dimensions 380 x 335 x 108 mm
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
RF Connector Type N Type Female (1x BTS, 1x MS)
Local Alarm Indication LED: AID/AGC, PA, Sync

Hinweis: In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist für den Betrieb des Verstärkers eine Zustimmung des jeweiligen Mobilfunknetzbetreibers als Inhaber der Frequenzzuteilungen erforderlich.

zu Versorgende Gesamtfläche: bis zu 2000 m² bis zu 4000 m²
Artikelgewicht: 10,20 Kg

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