PicoDAS-1822 Remoteunit

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The PicoDAS-1822 offers the industry leading and most innovative technology to help mobile operator extend the RF signal coverage into any indoor/outdoor environment
from small to large scale. Indoor /outdoor coverage network becomes a manageable services and a new business model. PicoDAS-1822 includes the MU and RU. The MU can take RF signal from any source like Macro or Pico Repeater and Small Cell and distribute the signal to RUs in different locations via the single fiber. Each MU can convert and distribute the RF signal to max. six RUs to 5km distance. Both star and daisy chain topology are supported.

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Key Features
? Distribute the LTE signal via a fiber network
? Source/Technology independent
? Multi-operator
? Star & Daisy chain hybrid topology
? Optics/RF Auto-calibration
? Environment sensing
? RoHS compliant

? Indoor coverage
? Tunnel coverage
? Rural area signal extension
? Shadow area signal enhancement
Electrical Specifications
Supported System 1800MHz (LTE Band 3)
2100 MHz (LTE Band 1/UMTS)
Frequency Range 1800 
Uplink: 1710~1785MHz
Downlink: 1805~1880MHz 2100 
Uplink: 1920~1980MHz
Downlink: 2110~2170MHz

RU Support =6
Input Power Range +10 ~ +30 dBm per port
Power Overload Protection Shut down downlink path when
RF input power > +35dBm per port
Return Loss =-14dB
Laser O/P Power 5.5dBm typical, 4dBm minimum
Optical RX Sensitivity -8.5dBm
Interface 10/100 BaseT, RJ45 connector
Power Consumption 12W

DL Output Power FDD +12 ~ +18 dBm per port, 1dB/step.
+18 dBm per port power supports 64QAM 5/6 OFDM at 4%EVM
Output Power (DL) 12~18dBm
Noise Figure (UL) 6dB max. at max. UL gain Built-in Optical Tapper Tapped 20%, Through 80%
Laser O/P Power -1dBm typical, -2.5dBm minimum
Optical RX Sensitivity -2dBm
Power Consumption 20W

Mechanical & Environmental
Weight =1.4kg
Dimensions MU 218 x 146 x 42mm RU 230 x 142 x 80mm
Power input 802.3at ? B type Compatible
DC Input Range 36~58VDC
Operating Temperature 0°C~+45°C
RF Connector Type N Type Female x 2
Fiber Connector Type    MU SC / APC x 2, each filber interface
supports up to 3ea RUs in daisy chain configuration
RU SC / APC x 2
Mounting MU Standard 1U rack mount interface RU Wall Mount or Pole Mount


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